Yassir Haron

Freelance Journalist   TV Producation   Photographer   Editor

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Freelance multimedia journalist in khartoum Sudan . specialized News ,stories . video's reports ,TV prodction and photography . I have been working covering Major news over the country. Including conflct areas as Darfur , South kardofan State ,and Blue Nile State ..to Ethiopia and south Sudan .

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Additional jobs

Coach of the new media and monitoring-coach of new media and human rights violations- coach of new media and press editing- coach at the field Of media covering of elections.

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Activator at the human right field and defending on the press freedom and expression-Executive Secretary of Sudanese Journalists Network.

Training courses

Human Rights- new media and Human rights- new media and monitoring violations- new media and press monitoring.


Darfur issues and ICC- Transitional Justice-general elections-press coverage for elections- covering the electoral campaigns- elections and monitoring human rights violations.

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Yassir Haroun

Khartoum , Sudan



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