About Me

Yassir Haroun

Yassir Haroun is a professional Journalist for last the15 years, as He worked most of this career as text reporter for a major Sudanese newspaper?

During his career he cover a wide range of topics and issues such as foreign policies, politics and human rights aspects.

Haroun also has an extensive experience working in the efferent part of the world, he has covered the conflict in South Sudan, Uganda, Egyptian revolution and Ethiopia.

Beside working in Sudan covering the long history in Darfur conflict, South Kordofan and Blue Nile states, belatedly the Ethiopian refugees in Eastern Sudan.

In the last 7 years he was worked as a formal Photojournalist, producer, cameraman, fixe, translator.

Beside the experience in shooting stories, producing, editing and making interviews.

Yassir work as freelance photojournalist and he can be hired for short and long assignments in side and oud side Sudan.

As he is familiar to the Sudanese cultural, political context.

contacts can be made through email, Facebook or WhatsApp – the number is from Sudan. but remained accessible anywhere in the world .